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on bastille day, july 14th. >>> inmates at a texas prison say they are constitutionally protected from the heat, and they're going to court. our legal guys take on the case. >>> and a mystery disease has killed more than 60 children in cambodia. health investigators are trying to figure out exactly what is going on. for business. [ beeping ] in here, data knows what to do. because the network finds it and tailors it across all the right points, automating all the right actions, to bring all the right results. [ whirring and beeping ] it's the at&t network -- doing more with data to help business do more for customers. ♪ to help business do more for customers. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's righ
from. the place in which he was born and raised. the texas hill country. i've talked about the hill country before, but i don't think you can talk about it too much, particularly in new york city. i saw what that meant growing up there myself, and it was quite a shock. i grew up in new york city, which is this place of fast-paced conversations and busy streets, theaters, and everything else. there was then a 9:00 plane from la guardia to austin. i take that plane, and sometimes when i got off that plane, i felt you rent a car and drive west out of austin into the hill country, and in those days i felt like i was iffing from one end of the earth to the other. i'll never forget the first time i drove out there. about 40 miles out of johnson -- out of austin as you are heading towards johnson city. there's a rise. they call it round mountain, but it's really just a tall hill. as i came to the top, something made me pull my car over to the side of the road to get out on the shoulder and look down in front of me because i was looking at something that i had never seen before in my life.
the board of education and hernandez versus texas, when latinos became a protected class. it means of neatly with her life. it is mostly going to be a political book. i was working on it really intensely, getting a lot done. but my new job is a little harder to go home at night and work late on. it will probably come out in 2013. she is doing her own memoirs. >> there is competition. >> from the woman herself. but since mine is not a biography -- >> what is she now? >> she said hers will come out in early 2013. >> i hope it does, because i can modify what i need to modify. mine is more about the political history. a whole chapter, for example, about a man of people thought bill clinton might put on the court. there was a controversial nominee to the d.c. circuit under george w. bush. you can await that. reuters is a wire service, like a.p., but i am not quickly filing alerts the way jim of the knee -- jim matheny had done. i look at broader trends. i do not have to file every day, but it is the wire, so you have to fill a hole faster than you would for the newspaper. >> is anybody else worki
from police in south texas. the suv is loaded with what police believe is thousands of pounds of marijuana. the driver with nowhere to go splashes into the riogrande. it is a scene that is repeated day and night along the border. >> splash down. >> and even though the smugglers are followed by helicopters and officers on the ground. if they make it to the river, they can make their escape with waiting accomplices who use boats to hall brdrugs back to mexico. all police on the u.s. side can do is watch them paddle away. but now, texas state troopers are taking to the water with a fleet of 34 foot arm mored gun boat was automatic weapons. >> they are automatic machine guns. the show of force is desperately needed on this narrow stretch of water. >> they have to tall disregard for human life. they will stop at nothing to move their poison into the united states. >> he recognizes the center of the river as the boundary. >> our goal is to make the arrest prior to them getting back to their base. >> for place who have seen countless drug runners swim away, it is a navy that is long
camp and go somewhere else. many of them would go to canada. but if you're a slave in texas, forget canada, go to mexico. so wherever there's free territory, slaves went and tried to build a life for themselves away from slavery. and i think one of the points i hope that came out in the lecture is that there's clearly a concept of what freedom means and they may not have written letters saying, you know, treatises about the nature of freedom and liberty, but you have to get at it by looking at their actions. [ applause ] >> thank you. >>> tomorrow on washington journal, reuters economics correspondent pedro da cost that discusses the latest job numbers. and senior reporter joan goldwasser talks about the dodd-frank act. and stephanie vance, author of "the influence game." starting at 7:45 eastern live on cspan. >> the life of a sailor included scrubbing the deck in the morning, climbing aloft, whatever the duties assigned, gun drill practice, but by the end of the day, you're ready for some rest. but you don't get a full eight hours of sleep. on a ship like the constitution, it's fo
slaves to abandon their owners. it occurred in the colonial period to spanish territory. one texas slave holder who, like his contemporaries, had lost hundreds of slaves to the free soil of mexico may have spoken for many slaves when he said the negro, he has got mexico in his head. the knowledge and awareness of free land dom mate the testimony and actions of former slaves. john henry hill called on those he left behind in virginia to follow his historical calling. come, poor distressed men and women come to canada where colored men are free. john clayton echoed these sentiments. a worker in a richmond tobacco factory, clayton escaped with two other slaves, hiding in a small space next to the boiler of a steamer bound for philadelphia. soon after he wrote still, you may rest assured that i feels myself a free man and do not feel as i did when i was in virginia. thanks be to god. i no master into canada but i am my own man. >>> 17-year-old rebecca hall left baltimore in august 1855. she told still, because she simply wanted to be free. to even the most call yule observant slave holder in
it makes me think what is going on in arizona and alabama and washington and texas, because it is happening everywhere. tavis: we obviously did not plan this, i did not buy you have worked on the set days ago. you were at one of the superfund sites in this extreme heat. i was in north carolina with 105 degree temperatures every day. the conversation with this heat wave could be more -- could not be more auspicious. >> sometimes -- most of the time we can take water for granted that it is always there, especially in a heatwave. that is something we gravitate to for everything. sprinklers, swimming, a cooling off, putting out the fires. tavis: how baht -- how bad is the water crisis? ande're in a water crisis it can be a daunting look at the situation we're in with the misuse, the lack of, the overuse, and the pollution of our water in the united states. we do not think it is us. but like i said in the film, it already is you. it can see these scenarios played themselves out in other countries and we always go there to aid in rescue what we have that same problem right here. as in the film, t
something about the 21 of the 111 state prisons in texas. i think the three-judge panel is going to say, gary, it is cruel and unusual punishment, 126 degrees, 143 degrees, it's time to do something about that. >> richard, prison officials accuse or accused of not providing enough fans, ventilation, water, refusing to follow local and national prison standards. a texas law requires counties to maintain temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees. this is what's interesting the law does not apply to state prisons, right? >> does not apply to state prisons. i don't think that the circuit court is going to come down as hard as avery thinks. they may make some remedial suggestions to provide fans, but this is texas. don't mess with texas. very, very tough sentencing state. you know, i don't know what percentage of people in texas have fully air conditioned homes. these individuals are incarcerated. there's a purpose for incarceration. deterrence, protect the public. should be a just punishment. i understand that. but whether it really rises to the level, this gentleman was 345 pounds. his body t
the resolution to create the public school system and match it in texas, an african-american from harrison county proposed the legislation in texas to create the public school system. so indeed, robert smalls, again, he is more intimately involved in creating the public school system down in buford county. >> and i want to add one point to dr. dulaney's commentary and that is, there were no wide-spread public schools in south carolina. you do have a few instances where planters or other individuals set up schools for their families. and in some cases, a few cases, african-americans were allowed to attend. but again there weren't any widespread public schools. >> right. in fact, there are public schools in charleston before the war but they were called pauper schools because the feeling was if you had money, you would send your children to private schools. you would not send them to these marginalized public schools. charleston has a number that is above the average and there is a legacy that carries over in charleston today. >> on your question about images there are at least three civil war imag
duty, building trenches. digging ditches. really hard manual labor, primarily in texas and louisiana. and the monument behind me is a monument to the soldiers of the 62nd and 65th united states colored infantry. in january of 1866, the war was over, these soldiers of the 62nd were about to be mustard out at fort mcintosh, texas and began talking around a campfire, how can we pass this legacy of learning onto the freed man back in missouri? they began to talk about raising money. they pledged money. they gave money. and it was an extraordinary sacrifice. some of these soldiers, privates in the united states, colored infantry were earning as little as a $113 a year. some of them gave $100. almost a year's wages to start this institute. they gave their money and pledges to a second lieutenant, named richard baxter foster, who was a congregationalist minister, educated at dartmouth. in the summer of 1866 when it began to appear that lincoln institute might be established in jefferson city, a local newspaper ran an editorial opposing that move and expressed the fear if jefferson city beca
mexican history. in my house, first of all i came from a house in san antonio, south texas of big opinions. my father was a kind of district attorney without portfolio. other jewish fathers play golf. >> this is a jewish district attorney. >> originally from mexico. his whole passion in life is corruption. the family own add discount store. that wasn't where his heart would you say. he was running this family business and his heart was exposing theing bad guy. for a reporter it became the most fantastic training ground. at dinner my father would talk non stop, the mayor is a crook, the senator is a crook, i am going to get that guy. he would have campaigns, whistle blowers, he had stocking bag stuffers. there was an extrodinary house, lucky house, very grateful for all of that who is hilariously funny. he is holder sister, anita brenner was older, worked in the "new york times" in the 1930s. there are many pictures of anita in those family scrapbooks. unfortunately my father hated his older sister, rather than getting to have wonderful times of gertrudestein in mexico, all i heard was she
in america, essays and born to serve. he is completing a book for texas a & m university press. he also combined the traditional role of the am becomic historian and documenting and preserving the african-american experience. please join me in welcoming dr. delaney. >> last but not least is elaine nichols. she is the senior cure rater at the smithsonian institute. she is helping to develop an inaugural exhibition that will be included on the culture floor when the museum opens in 2015. it will focus on a dornment relir religion and performing arts. elaine has an ma degree in public service archeology and an ma in social administration and planning from case western university. please join me in welcoming miss nichols. [ applause ] so we have a wonderful panel and i'm excited to turn it over. go ahead. >> thank you. michael i'm so glad to be here. this evening with my distinguished colleagues and this very auspicious occasion. during the civil war and after the safl war, civil war he was a war hero and would become a political leader with national influence. his life was indeed the stuff
angeles texas y chicago invitados por naciones unidas como observadores estÁn preocupados por los que producen la segunda entrada de dÓlares a mÉxico. bienvenida las remesas pero cuando son derechos polÍtico social security otra la reacciÓn. 12 millones de mexicanos pueden votar en estados unidos. 60 mil fueron aceptados dloems no cumplieron con los difÍciles requisitos. necesitamos credencial para votar y no la tenemos. exigimos hace muchos aÑos. que nos den hay una aub y la por parte de los partidos polÍticos. kw no consideran al mexicano que estÁ al otro lado de la frontera. ero union unionticierv Í kmor como sede baoer. abrieron los ojos de muchoss. en estados unidos, los 60 mil re jiss traeds vo to casi el 70%. lo que es un porcentaje mayor y votÓ un 60%. y que se pueda decidir el voto fuera del paÍs. la elecciÓn presidencial. por ser contados y nadie nos quiere contar. >>> no habrÁ votos asÍ de simple en la ciudad de mÉxico. marÍa ante nieta collins, univisiÓn. asesor de enrique peÑa nieto entre sus recomendaciones al virtual ganador estÁ la creaciÓn de grupo
. it is not a burden or there is crime around. i support dispensaries and six texas. i do have an issue with location in retail corridor is and the issue of clustering. you are the first one here. there is not clustering. you seem to do the right thing and tried to talk to the committee. -- to the community. we have seen a lot of opposition. i would not support granting the appeal and overturning this permit. i question the letter and his support of this. i am not sure i see that a support. or, let's wait and see with the legislation comes out to be. i would lean towards by denying the appeal or continue in this -- towards either denying the appeal or continuing this. >> i want to thank all of the people who came out tonight. it was an impressive showing. i appreciate hearing from everyone. i do not have a relationship to cannabis. i do not have any bias. i do believe that there should be access to it. i appreciate that this particular organization, this particular permit holder has reached out to the community, labor. i think that is very important to be a good employer. i think the safety plan look
to them in iowa, but we'd -- we'd treat him pretty ugly down in texas. >> now, richard, is there political pressure from republicans on ben bernanke to stay out of the labor market? >> there has been pressure all along, and there's pressure to avoid the next round of what they call contative easing, which rick perry thinks is the worst evil you could imagine. the federal reserve bank rolled not just the big banks in new york, but major corporations across the world when the meltdown happened. it's the height of irresponsibility to try to play politics when the world is looking at another crisis in europe, the federal reserve may be the only institution to act as the lender of last resort for the entire world. that's american leadership. we should be celebrating that. it's scary, devastating we should go through it, but we have a unique role in the world. we shouldn't take that away just as republicans would hate the idea that america's military power shouldn't be preeminent. >> richard wolfe, thank you so much for your time. >> remember to answer tonight ffs question there at the bottom of
to be an environmentalist she was nursing her 6 month daughter olivia and a story had been done by texas tech where they looked at breast milk samples, all were contaminated with rocket fuel. i was stunned, i thought breast milk was as pure as it came for food source. i was up all night thinking about it. i tell the story about michelle from california whose family was the first family to be monitored in the oakland tribune. it stunned even scientists. the tests found many of the same chemicals they found in charlotte's 5-year-old mic ala, she had recently spent a lot of time in nail salons. the biggest surprise of what they found in 2-year-old rowland, chemicals found in nearly anyone else in the world 6 times higher than in parents, twice the levels that researchers see in land animals. this is a serious warning said a scientist researchers on flame retar tkapbts. young children are exposed because they put their hands in their mouth and bodies don't eliminate chemicals as readily. to me i think very historically crystallizes what we are learning. that was a story in 2006 by the environmental wor
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. i think they may make some remedial suggestions to provide fans but this is texas. don't mess with texas. a very, very tough sentencing state. you know, i don't know what percentage of people in texas have fully air conditioned homes. these individuals are incarcerated. there is a purpose for incarceration. deterrence, protect the public, should be a just punishment. i understand that. but whether it really rises to the level -- >> you can watch the rest of my conversation with our legal guys in the 4:00 eastern hour of
to be home? this is said in a texas accent. i would say i don't know. he said you have to be there because they are my pears and precious and have to put them in the refrigerator the minute you come in. i learned to say okay. then the fruit would come and it would be wrapped like a bomb or something, each fruit, each pear. these gorgeous asian pears had sty row foam socks wrapped around them. after the fruit came you'd get a series of phone calls, can i demand a refund from the ups man, are you sure, can you write down what time it came? >> you have been carrying around this story all your life, what happened, why turn it into a book? >> it was a huge decision. it came completely. so many of us carry around this sibling thing in the attic thing. it came to me because something happened in our life which transformed our relationship. it was huge for me and huge for him. we learned how to become a team. and we had, my brother had a crisis and wrote me a letter about it, kind of a stunning letter that came like a time bomb, when he was quite young, barely 50 that he had a rare form of non smo
historia para la ediciÓn nocturna >>>uentos, cuÁl noceran a inmigrantes e que viajaron a mÉxico, texas, chicago, como observores electorales, y a algunas les gustausarlo, a todos les encanta mirarlos, el biski ni cumple 66 aÑos, una prenda que en sus icios, causÓ conmiÓ y criticas, incluso el vaticano que decÍa que revelaba demasiado, y ahora con estos dÍas de calor rÉcord, e prenda perfecta no? > depende del tamaÑo. >>> del bikini? >>> las dos cosas. por suerte vienen enn todos los tamaÑos. >>> exactamente, hay que disfrutarlo. >>> te vemos a la noche, vam a la pausa, y vista de pros contra de inmigraciÓn en el salvador, y las imÁgenes de un intento de robo interrumpido por la propia madre del sospecho nono tristecontrast que viven habitantes del salvador, saliÓ a relucir con un visita de jÓvenes americanos, viven incÓmodos con la remesas, y sienn un inmenso vacÍo. >>> en este salon de clases en una escuelapromedio en el salvad, la mayorÍa de jÓvenes tiene a uno o dos padres residiendo en estados unidos, adolescentes que mes a mes reciben dinero que llena necesidades m
. >>> viajaron de los angeles texas y chicago invitados por nacion unidas como obseadores estÁn preocupados por los que producen la segunda entrada de dÓlares a mÉxico. bienvenidaas remesas pero cuando son derechos polÍtico socialecurity otra la reaccion. 12 millones de mexicanos pueden votar en estados unidos. 60 mil fueron aceptados dloems no cumplieron con los difÍles requisitos. necesitamos credencial para votar y no la tenes. exigimos hace muchos aÑos. que nos den hay una aub y la por parte de los rtidos polÍticos. kw no consideran al mexicano que estÁ a otro lado de la frontera. mostrar quedenlo de elector que Únicamente se otorga en terrorio mexicano. quÉ hacemos los mexicanos del otro lado para votar. esta credencial y nos devolvemos nuevamente en la cajuela del carro por el cerro ¿verdad es im jugo. no se le permi todavÍa vol ta kmor como se baoer. abrieron los ojos de choss. enstados unidos, los 60il re jiss traeds vo to casi el 70%. lo que es un porcentaje mayor y votÓn 60%. y e se pueda decidir el voto fuera del paÍs. la ecciÓn presidencial. por ser contados y nadie no
the back of the truck watching the road behind him. this poem is called big thicket jasper, texas. a crack is a buck shot. big thickel. crack, headlights staggering home. the road kills. crack, big thicket. the sticks, drink, drink, headlight stagger in the road. creek, crack, stick broke light kills. big thickel. buck shot by the white headlights to big thicket. what you looking at. crack, the white stick big thicket along the trees. the buck is staggering home. crack, we go to big thicket what you are doing here. break for home. on the road, go, go, crack, crack, crack, big thicket. headlights what you think you are. huff, is this, critic o crack, a stick broke. buck in the brushes. put them back on. what you think. in the rushes. put them back o. big thicket we go to creek. go to head staggers along the trees. crack, a stick broke the creek breaks big thicket we go, buck shot, home we go, go, big thicket. road kill. staggering bucks. headlight rushes. screeching. road screeching, what you what you. we go, we go. crack. bones. road kills a broke stick along the staggering creek we go on.
on ropes of camel smoke and demand a texas holdum. no wonder they call it spirits. spirits vad my father with cower vas yea. spirits made him burn rubber screaming in the driveway. the marianet and tongue were skillets at mid night. i wouldn't see his ass again until the next afternoon. twoshgs johnnie. gee my cousin john edwards volunteered for possession every week. he was certified. ex exor citizenim did nothing. colt 45, crazy horse they demand the sacrifices in blood so bottles would go to the couch friday night. walls kicked until straight jackets lay waiting on the lawn. mama would site visions of gang boys with metal vent as if it explained anything. it didn't between dusk from the and dawn saturday he was ready to blow the -- up. do you want some of this? oh , no, yes oh , no or yes , i will be damn, i will be damn, i will be damn. [applause] >> this is called someone else's child. and i guess it's a sort of an imagined conversation with a took place in a real moment in my father's hospital room in a matter of weeks before he died. my father is my foster father and there was al
bernatchy. nancy pelosi, 35 million, freel 10, kenny marchand, republican, texas, 16 million v. the 10 richest members of the house >>> question, what do these rich house numbers tell you? >> it's easier to run for office when you have that cushion of some wealth, although interestingly, a lot of self-funding really rich candidates fail, because they think because i'm rich, and i've succeeded at something else, i can jump into politics and be a success at that when actually having experience in politics help. and two, it really helps to have to go out and raise money, because that's another way you get -- >> do you think that you really must have a cushion, a financial cushion in your life, before you can make a political run, not to pay for campaign, but to pay for everything else? follow me? >> i've recommended, young people ask, and i say before you go into politics, get yourself a business or a calling or a vocation that you can fall back on when you lose. otherwise, if you get into politics -- >> what about regulating the use of money in political campaigns? >> i'm not for that bu
. what about the children's right to be safe inside the classroom? joining me now from fort worth, texas is radio talk show host janine turner. from los angeles leslie marshall, she is a fox news contributor. okay, ladies. explain this one to me. because leslie, you know, at first blush this seems to be fairly incredibly outrageous with children and their lives at stake. their emotional well being at stake with a teacher who might be accused of in this case criminally indicted for some type of sexual misconduct. now t will be more difficult to suspend or remove the teacher for this type of what could be criminal misconduct. what happened? >> well, i live here in california as you know. although my kids are part of the l.a. unified school district, that's not our district where the allegation took place most recently. very heinous. as a mother it sickens he me. i'm a union gal. i also am a constitution and everyone has a right to due process innocent until proven guilty gal. i have to say where i stand differently between the union and between our politicians here in california is i would
... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. this is new york state. we built the first railway, the first trade route to the west, the greatest empires. then, some said, we lost our edge. well today, there's a new new york state. one that's working to attract businesses and create jobs. a place where innovation meets determination... and businesses lead the world. the new new york works for business. find out how it can work for yours at i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. >>> this next story is ridiculous. so say things got out of hand in a debate in jordan is putting it mildly. take a look at this. so a jordanian member of parliament threw a shoe and then, get this, he pulled out a pistol when a discussion with a pormer politician got heated on tv. it was live. it seems he was accused of buying his way into parliament. the host stepped in to break up t
esto, bueno, ocurrió en texas el conductor responsable no actúo con rapidez para frenar en vista que el trafico tabestaba detenido. 2 personas heridas, entrellas un hispano que sufrió fracturas múltiples. >>> otro conductor en estado de fue en un vecindario en y california el chofer borracho, chocó ctra varios vehículos que estaban estacionados en horas de la tras buscar por más de una hora, los agentes arrestar a este responsable. comentamos que una tradia estremece a residentes de la gr manzana. una madre mat a sus 2 hijos y luego intentó qtarse laida. nayales chávez nos cuenta de la historia. >>> los cuerpos de los hermanos de 5 años y 4 meses de ed, fueron sacas del apartamto donde las auridades presumen que la mamáá, lisett, o abrió e muñecas las venas de sus de las ventanas del apartamento estaban selladas y encontraron una carta deespedida al lado l cuerpo sin vida de los menores. y dijeron que ahora se contrarian en un lugar mejor. familiares de las víctim junto al padre de los niños, que trabaja como policía para la ciudad, no hallaban consuelo a tanto horror.
carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >>> debunktion junction, what's my function? true or false, mitt romney is the republican nominee for president? it's a done deal, according to republican party rules, there's no other candidate with enough delegates to be the nominee. mr. romney clinched the nomination in may in the texas primary where he won more than 100 delegates so now he's the undisputed republican nominee for president in the 2012 election. is that true or is that false? false. remember congressman ron paul? congressman paul has actively -- stopped actively campaigning for president, but his supporters is have not actively stopped supporting him, including fighting it out in the states to win for ron paul those states' delegates to the republican national convention in tampa where the nominee of the party gets chosen. ron paul has won a majority of delegates from maine, wisconsin, and louisiana. that's four states. and
in their footsteps. >>> like texas, florida, south carolina, north dakota. so what is the winning formula for them? >> when we look like a state in texas, no state income tax. they create a low tax environment where businesses wanted to come in and wanted to hire and they want to grow their businesses. low taxes has to be top of the list here. we have very friendly political environment. going out of their way. politicians attract these businesses to the state. they create zones where businesses can come in and set up, electricity at attractive prices. they created an environment where businesses want to come in there. >> what is keying that from happening under the obama administration nationally? >> clearly we have white house how it is to do this. we have congress thinking another way. we have a political election coming down in november. all this ambiguity is killing us killing the small business owner. small business owner represents 70% of all the new jobs that are created in this country. what happens when you have that money in your pocket you are going to hire somebody out there all this
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baltimore south carolina... bloomington, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >>> welcome back. it is the celebrity breakup heard around the world, and people are still talking about tom cruise and katie holmes' split. holmes filed for divorce and wants custody of their daughter, but she hasn't really said what led to the decision to walk away from cruise. some say it may have had to do with his religion, scientology. that has also brought more attention to the church and its practices. we're focusing on scientology a bit this morning. the beliefs, the celebrities and the money. but first, there are many misconceptions about scientology, so we thought that we would try and clear some of those up for you. their religion was started by author l. ron hubbard in the 1950s and has grown from there. earlier, i spoke with dan gilgoff, co-editor of's belief blog, and i asked when scientology finally got final approval from the government. >> sciento
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